Recently the Veil (Niqaab) has gained much negative attention within the media and political framework.

Many European countries continue to debate a total public ban on the Niqaab. The response from the Muslim community should be unified and one.
Women that wear the Niqaab are just a small group of innocent women who need the support of the Muslim Community.
Our stance on the Niqaab is not reflective of whether we believe it to be obligatory or recommended. The Niqaab is a part of Islam and thus an act of worship.
Many women choose to dress in a manner befitting their inner beliefs. Women who wear the face veil are from amongst them.
Women wearing the veil feel victimised and subjected to unfair scrutiny. Laws being passed based on the assumption that these women were forced and are oppressed. Speaking to women who chose to wear the veil reveals quite a different picture.
It is the voice behind the veil that asserts its right to be respected and heard, rather than ridiculed and abused. Veiled women
continue to assert that they have not committed a crime and do not intend any

So how can it be that the veil has becomestigmatised through negative media
attention such that the public are prepared to reject it without ever hearing what the
veiled voice has to say.
Veiled justice has been set up to educateMuslims and non-Muslims about the Niqaabdue to the many misconceptions the mediahas portrayed.

Learn about the veil and hear what the
voices behind the veil have to say.
Please support and embrace our cause and visit us on or email us on

Meeting People's Needs

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