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Defending OUR right to wear the Niqab (Veil)

Veiled justice has been set up to educate Muslims and non-Muslims about the Niqab due to the many misconceptions the media and politicians have portrayed. Veiled Justice is defending veiled women’s rights to uphold the Freedom…

… to practice our religion in worship, teaching, practice and observance
… to be free from racial abuse
… to have the same privileges shared by other faiths
… to dress in a manner that causes no harm

This is backed by the European Convention of Human Rights (Article 9 & 10) that European countries have signed in agreement too.

Many women choose to dress in a manner befitting their inner beliefs. Women who wear the face veil are from amongst them. A proportion of Muslim women choose to cover their faces out of what they believe is a religious obligation.

In recent years, the face veil continues to undergo global criticism and attack. France, Belgium and Spain are amongst the governments that have chosen to ban it in public places, and recently a similar bill was forwarded by a Conservative MP in the UK.

Women wearing the veil feel victimised and subjected to unfair scrutiny. Laws are being passed based on the assumption that these women were forced and are oppressed. Speaking to women who chose to wear the veil reveals quite a different picture.

This website has been set up to voice the concerns of veiled women as well as those people who support the right of women to dress according to their religious teachings in Britain’s multicultural society.

It is the voice behind the veil that asserts its right to be respected and heard, rather than ridiculed and abused. Veiled women continue to assert that they have not committed a crime, and do not intend any harm. So how can it be that the veil has become stigmatised through negative media attention such that the public are prepared to reject it without ever hearing what the veiled voice has to say.

This is Veiled Justice’s chance to speak up and remind the nation that wearing the face veil is no crime, rather abusing the woman who wears it, is.

Veiled Justice is clarifying that we are neither oppressed nor forced to wear the veil, rather we feel oppressed that the government or politicians feel they can speak for us. 

Racism and Xenophobia in today’s Europe need to be challenged. The ignorance that leads to prejudice needs to be removed.

Learn about the veil and hear what the voices behind the veil have to say.

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